This is the purest work of the DHD Resonance series, both as a standalone exhibition installation and performed piece by Duckworth and Hullick alone. For the performance work Hullick plays the Resonance instrument appearing as the musician working with Duckworth’s stunning interactive visual designs.

The Resonance installation promotes collaborative and playful modes of interaction between small groups of players standing face to face around the display. The movement and manipulation of objects, touch and gesture on the display generates sonic perturbations, pulsing visual lines and glowing fragmented geometries displayed on the table and which can be projected on a multitude of ultra-high resolution displays and multi-channel sound configurations.



10 November 2016: JOLT’s The Book of Daughters concerts, Meat Market, Melbourne



Jonathan Duckworth: Design and Interaction Design
James Hullick: Sound Design and Composition
Ross Eldridge: Computer Programming