Disruptive Critters takes place in a hybrid audio-visual performance arena. Here, audiences and performers are immersed in a responsive, interactive world where virtual ‘beings’ teem and flock, collide and collude in various forms of mischief.

At a time of ‘digital disruption’ when new technologies are permeating every aspect of our culture, Disruptive Critters mobilizes these new capacities to explore the theatrical, performative possibilities of interactive media and digital design.

Using a multi-touch console set within a larger projected virtual environment, audiences, or ‘players’, will active real-time computer generated 3D virtual avatars (or critters), which inhabit the virtual and physical performance space. The critters, each with their own sound world and gestural repertoire, become autonomous co-performers in the work, interacting with audiences and with each other in seemingly unpredictable ways.



Jonathan Duckworth: Design and Interaction Design
James Hullick: Sound Design and Composition
Ross Eldridge: Computer Programming
Casey Rice: Computer Programming


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its funding advisory body.
This project has been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria.